Thursday, November 3, 2016

1. 2. 3.

Dear Priya,
It was your birthday last week and we celebrated.  Or at least we tried to.
You couldn't wait for it to be birthday and then when the day arrived, you were the grumpiest little birthday girl.  To be fair we did spend the day at your sister's Halloween parties at school but usually you like things like that.  To start the day, you didn't even want to wear the "rainbow unicorn costume" that you picked out at the store.  In fact, you threw a bit of a fit.  Then after the parties, I tried to get a picture of you in your costume with your cute birthday balloon.  Let's just say that you became known as the grumpiest rainbow unicorn in the history of all unicorns.  
Then the next day we celebrated with a little birthday party with friends and family.  I picked out an Elsa dress as your present because lately you are obsessed with her.  However, when you opened it, you blatantly said that it was mine and that you didn't like it.   
Overall, I think you had a good birthday?!?  
Either way, we sure love you.
Sometimes your sisters and I look at each other with pure shock at how crazy you really are.
You have the best belly laugh.
You love to dance and shake your bum.
You are the sweetest to your baby sister and have given her the nickname "JayJay."
You hate when she cries and are always giving her toys.
You are entering into the imaginary play stage and I love it.
You still suck your thumb though and always want your "blankey" at bedtime.
You almost always wander into our room in the middle of the night and ask,
"Can I snuggle with your guys?" and you always resume the position of the little spoon.
If we ask for a kiss, you almost always say "tomorrow, okay?"
But if I pout, you will almost always give me one immediately.
You are the sassiest of all and we love you more than words.
Happy, happy birthday Priya Pie.

Our October in a nutshell.

Well technically these first pictures of Asha are from her first day at school and from her Olympic games day, but hey better late than never.  The weather has been beautiful this fall and we have tried to soak it up as much as possible.  Kalyani had her first field trip to farm country at Thanksgiving Point and loved it.  Although, I think her favorite part was just riding the bus.  Jaya had her six month check-up at weighed 14 lbs and 13 oz (23%), 26.8 in long (78%) and head circumference was 16.7 in. (50%).  Swami surprisingly let Priya put make-up on him, which she thought was hilarious.  Grandma Aya got us new Indian clothes.  We carved pumpkins and celebrated Halloween with a bang.  Both Asha and Kali requested that I help at their class parties, plus it was Priya's birthday so it was a whole lot of fun and extremely exhausting.  Asha and Kalyani rocked their parts in the primary program and Asha even sang "A Child's Prayer" in a small group. We went trick-or-treating at BYU with the football players.  I think the only time Priya smiled that night was when she saw Cosmo and he pushed her in the stroller.  Overall, it was a very Happy Halloween.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Apple Butter Makin' Days. 🍎

We made it to Missouri for Apple Butter Makin' Days for the third year in a row and this time, Swami got to come along! Being with family is by far my most favorite thing to do and this trip was perfect.